Tear Gas Remediation

Sometimes law enforcement use tear gas and other chemical irritants in combative situation. Remediation of a home or business following pepper spray (capsaicin) or tear gas (typically CN – chloroacetophenone, CS – (2-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) or CR – dibenz (b,f)-1,4-oxazepine) can be harmful to health and should be done by a specially trained professional. Without proper remediation, these irritating substances that can cause rashes and respiratory concerns.

While US manufacturers of various CS devices maintain that its products are “non-lethal”, they recommend the use of a full face respirator with organic filter cartridge, or self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) for those deploying the canisters. A SCBA is a device worn by rescue workers, firefighters, and others to provide breathable air in an “Immediate Danger to Life and Health Atmosphere.” A US tear gas manufacturer, Combined Systems, further recommends ventilation, local exhaust, protective gloves, eye protection, protective clothing to prevent skin contact, and washing thoroughly after handling.

Based on the available data on toxic and lethal effects of CS and considering the worst exposure scenario, there is a distinct possibility that CS exposure can significantly contribute to or even cause lethal effects.

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