Homicide and Its Co-victims

Response and Recovery

Homicide is generally defined as the willful, killing of one human being by another. Family members and significant others become co-victims when their loved one is murdered. The violent death of a family member, intimate partner, or close friend is one of the most traumatic experiences you could ever face. It is an event for which no one can adequately prepare and the violent act results in a wide range of emotional pain and upheaval.

Those close to the victim will grieve in different ways. In addition, the sudden and unnatural manner of death presents feelings and emotions that compound those caused by your grief. As a homicide co-victim, one may experience many kinds of loss. You may feel a loss of self or feel changed from the person you used to be. You may feel that you have lost control of your life and your sense of safety and security. You may question your faith or religion.

Dealing With Tragedy

When co-victims first learn about the homicide, many experience shock and disbelief, numbness, changes in appetite or sleeping patterns, difficulty concentrating, confusion, anger, fear, and worry. It is hard to understand how others are able to go on with their daily routine. For a long time, the emotional and physical suffering may seem to use up all the energy you have. Even though you knew before the murder that bad things happen, you may have thought they only happened to other people, so you did not feel vulnerable to crime. Now, you have a new sense of vulnerability for yourself and others.

The additional burdens associated with violent crimes include dealing with media and police in addition to the other tasks associated with a death. Your involvement with the criminal justice system may complicate your grief. Often, homicide co-victims are depersonalized throughout the criminal process. Through the police investigation, you may hear for the first time certain details about your loved one that can be confusing and sometimes hurtful.

Funeral arrangements, life insurance, contacting family and friends and locating wills are only some of the items that can quickly overwhelm a family. We can help remove one burden; the burden of dealing with the gruesome physical aftermath of blood and body fluids. Because we have dealt with these situation often, we have the experience to respond with sensitivity while maintaining our objectivity to begin the restoration process.

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