Death by Suicide

Meaning in Life

Dealing with death is a life experience that few wants to face, but none can evade. Undoubtedly, the challenge of simply fathoming suicide accounts for the vast array of attitudes toward suicide found in the history of Western civilization: bafflement, dismissal, heroic glorification, sympathy, anger, moral or religious condemnation.

When a death is by suicide, the state and some religions, especially Western religions, mark the act as illegal or immoral. In ethics and other branches of philosophy, suicide poses difficult questions, answered differently by philosophers from different times and traditions, and from the same time and tradition. The greatest thinkers throughout history have not reached consensus on the subject.

Suicide Statistics:

  • -Suicide is the eighth leading cause of death in the United States, accounting for more than 1% of all deaths
  • -More years of life are lost to suicide than to any other single cause except heart disease and cancer
  • -30,000 Americans die by suicide each year; an additional 500,000 Americans attempt suicide annually
  • -The actual ratio of attempts to completed suicides is probably at least 10 to 1
  • -30% to 40% of persons who complete suicide have made a previous attempt
  • -The risk of completed suicide is more than 100 times greater than average in the first year after an attempt – 80 times greater for women, 200 times greater for men, 200 times greater for people over 45, and 300 times greater for white men over 65
  • -Suicide rates are highest in old age: 20% of the population and 40% of suicide victims are over 60. After age 75, the rate is three times higher than average, and among white men over 80, it is six times higher than average

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